Rhododendron Nursery Van Sluisveld specializes in Rhododendron youngplants since 1993 and has a annual production of 300.000 to 400.000 plants. Offering different species of Rhododendron we serve clients in Holland and abroad.

Customer focus.
Naturally we can provide you with large quantities of Rhododendron youngplants, adjusted to your needs. If you grow in C3, C4 or C5 container, we always have the right kind of youngplants available. We have a lot of common species available and can grow these to your needs. When you are interested in a species we don’t already grow, we can adopt this species in our assortment, lots of species are available!

Bigger sizes: since 2004 we also grow large size Rhododendron, These are grown in C2, C4, C7,5 and C10 containers. These species are available in hybrid and yakushimanum species. Sizes vary from 8 inch to 50 inch plants.

We grow our Rhododendron through a very carefully planned process. In April and May the rooting cuttings are pinced and checked for quality. After that they are put on the fields for hardening. After 9 or 10 days the Rhododendron are put on to carts and potted up into 1 litre containers. In July the plants are pinced for the second time for good growth of the branches. After that the first plants are ready for delivery in September.